Dr. Bud

Dr. Bud

A Viral Art & Media Campaign

Package development for Dr. Bud T-shirts

Dr. Bud is a viral art project and media campaign celebrating the healing capacity of inclusiveness and the psychic power of positivity.

Brand creation included artwork and logo designs from scratch. A street art component utilizes murals, stickers, stencils, posters and T-shirts featuring the illustrated likeness of Dr. Bud and highlighting select ‘Bud-isms’, including ‘Evil Does Not Create,’ ‘Freedom From Fear,’ and ‘Be Kind.’

With T-shirt production on a tight budget, I explored ways to package the shirts in a rustic, down-to-earth, minimal way, choosing kraft materials and 1-2 inks to reinforce Dr.Bud’s inspiring messages.

Dr. Bud is a registered trademark.

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