Flipouts Sandals


Brand Development & Press Kit

Presskit design for FlipOut Sandals, the flip-flop and gel sandals with interchangeable shoe ornaments.

About the project

FlipOut jelly sandals were designed for female shoe lovers, ages 10-34 who want fashion flexibility in one shoe. A unique mechanism on the sandal and sparkly ornaments allows you to transform your footwear with a simple twist. Packaging needed to be youthful, decidedly female, as well as illustrate the twist on/off motion of the ornaments and ease of  use. Branding development included several logo designs, color palette development and a press kit for the product launch. The presskit had a whimsical die-cut flap with a velcro closure and jeweled details that were applied by hand. Inside product pages were stair-stepped for easy readability.

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